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Should Pregnant Clients Do High-Impact Exercise?

What happens to your exercise routine when you find yourself working out for two? The blog this week comes from guest author Dr. Carrie Pagliano, who shares both her own emotional experience and professional assessment concerning exercise during pregnancy over on (Continue reading here.) About The Author: Dr. Carrie Pagliano Dr. Carrie Pagliano has been a women’s health physical therapist for nearly 20 years. She lectures nationally in the areas of prenatal and postpartum health, pelvic pain, and women’s health education. She is double board certified in Orthopedics and Women’s Health. Dr. Pagliano is President of the Section on…

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5 Nutrition Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Recently, my husband and I flew to Paris to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  It had been awhile since I’d had to endure a 10 hour flight, adjust to a 6 hour time change (I don’t think I ever did), and navigate through a foreign city with endless culinary options. I have always loved to travel, but I don’t love the way my body sometimes feels if I’m not careful to implement some strategies to keep things running as normally as possible so I don’t totally derail my digestion and sleep. Whether your job requires you to be a frequent…

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3 Nutrition Habits to Consider for Optimal Health

When I meet with clients to help them establish a game plan for achieving their nutrition and health related goals, there’s a common denominator that is the foundation of every conversation: small changes can produce big results and lead to lasting habits over time. Healthy habits WILL translate to better health in the long run. In my experience, all too often, people are looking for the “quick fix” that will result in fast weight loss, optimal athletic performance, or improved lab results.  The problem with this approach is that when extreme measures are taken, even when a quick weight loss…

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7 Tips to Avoid Aches and Pains While Gardening

Spring has sprung in Atlanta. We are getting outdoors and are ready for the spring trees to bloom. However, common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, and raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints. Don’t let these common gardening activities get you down. The following tips can help minimize aches and pains: Get moving before you garden. A 10-minute brisk walk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up. Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping. Be aware of how your body feels as you work in your garden….

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5 Steps to Eating More Real Foods

My experience the past 20 years as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working in a variety of settings has revealed to me that despite the many differences in health issues, lifestyles, schedules, and food preferences that each client is facing, there is a common underlying theme. One that I repeatedly highlight and try to weave into every single conversation: EAT MORE REAL FOOD. No matter what the diagnosis or goal may be, this is a common denominator in every encounter I experience. Some are doing better than others at baseline, but almost everyone needs the reminder to move in this direction,…

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Grieving My Miscarriage

As a pelvic floor therapist, I have the honor of sharing in the very personal details of my patients’ lives. We cover anything from going to the bathroom, leaking urine, childbirth, sex, and everything between. From time to time, patients will even trust me with the knowledge of a past sexual trauma or struggle with fertility. And, when it comes to these types of painful experiences, it can be incredibly difficult for us to talk about. Whether it’s because it hurts too much, or we just feel like we are the only ones who have gone through it. Today I…

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Creating Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

As January is coming to an end, so are many well-intentioned health and fitness New Year’s Resolutions that were far too lofty to achieve and maintain for most of the people that made them.  According to a study in the science journal The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, roughly 55% of New Year’s Resolutions are health related, including exercising more and eating healthier, and other studies show that most people give up on their resolutions before January is even over. It’s time to end the repetitive cycle of failed attempts, disappointment, and sub-optimal health. Unrealistic expectations often lead to unmet resolutions…

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Telehealth | Blog

You’re sitting in your living room and glance at the clock: just five minutes until your physical therapy appointment is scheduled to start. You still need to lace up your shoes, grab your wallet, jump in the car and drive 10 miles across town. The walk from the parking alone will take five minutes! How will you ever make it on time? With rapid advances in telehealth technologies, this scenario could soon become a thing of the past—at least for some of your physical therapy visits. Instead of racing out the door, it’s possible that soon you’ll be able to…

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9 Things You Should Know About Pain

Pain | Pain Management | Blog

Pain is output from the brain. While we used to believe that pain originated within the tissues of our body, we now understand that pain does not exist until the brain determines it does. The brain uses a virtual “road map” to direct an output of pain to tissues that it suspects may be in danger. This process acts as a means of communication between the brain and the tissues of the body, to serve as a defense against possible injury or disease. The degree of injury does not always equal the degree of pain. Research has demonstrated that we…

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5 Tips for Creating Good Habits While Toilet Training Your Child

Potty Training | Toilet Training | Motherhood | Blog

Toilet training is an important developmental milestone for children, and is one of the first steps to becoming more self-sufficient. However, toilet training can be challenging for both children and their families. The following tips will help your child create good, lasting habits and avoid future bowel and bladder problems. Wait for it! Typical bowel and bladder development occurs around 18 months of age. Starting toilet training too early can create frustration and lead to poor habits or avoidance of toilet training all together. It can also lead to bowel and bladder problems such as urinary incontinence, bedwetting, urinary tract…

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