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Enhance your Running Performance with a Running Gait Assessment

Running Assessment

Did you know that the physical therapists at Functionize Health & Physical Therapy offer Running Gait Assessments?  If you are a runner, this is something you should consider. Not only will it enhance your running performance, but it will keep you running injury-free long into the future. What is a Running Assessment? Our physical therapists will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, and running mechanics to see where things are going wrong in your run. We use a video gait analysis program to identify areas that are prone to breakdown and teach you ways to prevent and treat…

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Redcord will Help you Move Better and Speed Up your Return to Optimal Function

Redcord Neurac Unit | Blog

When clients walk into our clinic, they often ask us, “What are those red cords and straps hanging from the ceiling?” They may look a little scary, but the system hanging from our ceiling is called Redcord. What is Redcord? Redcord is a unique treatment approach that uses one’s own body weight to restore proper neuromuscular control and functional stability for daily activities and sports. What makes it special is that you exercise while suspended from “red cords” that hang from the ceiling. These cords consist of a series of bungees, slings, handles and ropes suspended over a treatment table….

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Early Sport Specialization: What Parents Need to Know

Early Sport Specialization | Blog

It is becoming more popular for young athletes to specialize in a single sport. The advantages seem obvious—putting in more time early on and “outworking” the competition should lead to a better chance of success later, right? Even though this seems to make sense, early specialization may not be giving kids the advantages parents hope for, and it can come with some risks. THE ADVANTAGES The obvious advantage is skill acquisition. Baseball players use the off-season to work on hitting or pitching mechanics, basketball players work on their shooting, and tennis players might work to develop their serve. Specific skills…

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Avoid the Pain of Travel

Avoid the Pain of Travel | Blog

School is out and summer travel is upon us. However, the joys of a family vacation can be overshadowed by the ‘pain’ of hauling excessive luggage, sleeping in a different bed and extended periods of sitting. Here are our favorite tips to keep you feeling your best while traveling so you can enjoy your destination:   Take breaks while driving Every hour or two, stop and walk for a few minutes. It’s also not a bad idea to do some standing back extensions. Sitting places your spine in a flexed position, so moving it the opposite direction can prevent pain….

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Pilates with a Physical Therapist will Help You Get Better Faster

Reformer Pilates

Pilates is a type of exercise designed to enhance strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and coordination. It is suitable for a wide range of people regardless of age, experience or condition. At Functionize Health & Physical Therapy, we offer one-on-one Pilates with a Physical Therapist that’s also a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. Some clients solely use Pilates as their preferred exercise method but for most, Pilates is used in addition to other Physical Therapy treatments. When Pilates is instructed by a Physical Therapist, it is called Clinical Pilates. When it is instructed by a fitness professional that is also a Pilates…

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Trigger Point Dry Needling: Is it right for me?

Dry Needling blog

Is Trigger Point Dry Needling Right for Me? We often get the question… “What is dry needling and is it right for me?” If you haven’t experienced dry needling done to yourself, by now you probably know of someone who has. Dry needling has become so commonplace in physical therapy practice, that many clients feel they aren’t getting the most out of their therapy if it’s not part of their treatment. The question always arises though: “What exactly is Trigger Point Dry Needling?” We are here to explain and hopefully provide some answers to these frequently asked questions. What is…

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Choosing to pay cash for physical therapy will get you better faster and save you lots of Money!

Cash for PT | Blog

If you’ve ever had an injury or some sort of pain, you probably followed a very traditional course of action to address it.  You visited your primary care doctor who sent you to get an X-ray, prescribed medications, or both. They may have given you a referral to see a specialist or even a surgeon. During that appointment, the doctor may have suggested surgery or instructed you to modify your physical activities to minimize the pain, hoping the pain would subside with time.  Essentially, you were put into the assembly line that is our current healthcare system. What you may…

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Overcoming ACL Surgery and Running Faster Than Ever

ACL Surgery | Blog

Last January, I had surgery for a tear of my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my left knee. In December 2016, a skiing accident left me dead in my tracks. As a life long runner, I was just about to jump start my training for the Publix Half Marathon in March 2017. This would have been my 6th Half Marathon so the training itself was no big deal. I would follow my usual training routine of short runs during the week and longer runs on the weekends. I had my weekly running group to motivate me along and I’d probably…

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