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The Rules of Backpacks


I Love You, Beautiful Nerds: The rules of backpacks Every year more than 40 million kids from elementary through high school carry their books and other supplies to and from school in a backpack. For younger children, this may be the only time they use their backpacks, but middle and high school aged children may carry a backpack to and from every class. Although carrying a backpack may seem harmless enough, these heavy loads may lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Additionally, during this time of growth and adolescence, children’s bodies are forming and changing, and the physical stresses…

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Stretching vs Foam Rolling: Which is better and when to do what

Summer is warming up….are you? I know it’s hard to carve time out of your busy day for a workout, so it is easy to want to skip the warm-up and cool-down in an attempt to squeeze as much workout into as little time as possible; especially if you “aren’t injured.” But, whether or not you are managing an injury, and regardless of your current exercise and activity routine, spending a few minutes before and after your workout on a good warm-up and cool-down can seriously reduce your risk of getting hurt AND will also increase the effectiveness of your…

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You’re Only One Decision Away from a Totally Different Life

Scary, right? Maybe, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s back it up a bit. I moved to Atlanta in March of this year, but it certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve done something like that. For my partner and I, individually and as a couple, getting to a place in our lives and our careers where we are fulfilled, empowered, and “home” has required A LOT of moving. In 2006 I moved from Oregon to Chicago for graduate school– obviously there were closer schools, one less than an hour from home, but Northwestern was the one at the top…

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