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ACL Surgery

…is it as successful as you think? If you are like many Americans this summer, you intensely watched the US women’s professional soccer team win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The standout performance of the tournament was that of Megan Rapinoe, not just because she became the oldest woman ever to score in the tournament’s final but also because of her comeback from three anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL). Recovering from one ACL injury is tough enough, but three surgeries and a return to professional soccer takes grit, determination, and extreme physical skill. Megan’s recovery exceeds the normal statistics…

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The Rules of Backpacks


I Love You, Beautiful Nerds: The rules of backpacks Every year more than 40 million kids from elementary through high school carry their books and other supplies to and from school in a backpack. For younger children, this may be the only time they use their backpacks, but middle and high school aged children may carry a backpack to and from every class. Although carrying a backpack may seem harmless enough, these heavy loads may lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Additionally, during this time of growth and adolescence, children’s bodies are forming and changing, and the physical stresses…

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Pain Truth or Myth: Do You Need to Get an MRI Before Seeing a Physical Therapist?

Do you need an MRI before you go to physical therapy

As the school year begins, summer vacations are coming to an end. Chances are, you or someone you know may have had a flare up of back pain while traveling, trekking beach gear down the boardwalk, or engaging in weekend warrior shenanigans. Believe it or not, each year 15% of the population has their first episode of back pain, and over the course of our lives a whopping 80% of us will have back pain at some point. We see these episodes all the time in our practice and the first question we often receive during an initial visit is,…

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Help or Hinder: Posture Correcting Devices

Help or Hinder: What Will This Gadget Do? A blog series dedicated to covering products that promise relief. – Series Introduction + The Neck Hammock – Posture Correcting Devices Look, I’m just going to jump right in. Not to be dramatic, but bad posture is just as harmful as smoking ~50 packs of cigarettes per day.  OK, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Bad posture isn’t THAT bad, but it truly is often the root cause of many issues- I’m not just talkin’ the obvious neck/low back pain. Poor posture can contribute to the dreaded “pooch,” headaches, jaw pain,…

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Stretching vs Foam Rolling: Which is better and when to do what

Summer is warming up….are you? I know it’s hard to carve time out of your busy day for a workout, so it is easy to want to skip the warm-up and cool-down in an attempt to squeeze as much workout into as little time as possible; especially if you “aren’t injured.” But, whether or not you are managing an injury, and regardless of your current exercise and activity routine, spending a few minutes before and after your workout on a good warm-up and cool-down can seriously reduce your risk of getting hurt AND will also increase the effectiveness of your…

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Grow Tall (& Watch Your Pains Magically Disappear)

I have a little secret to tell you:  I’m watching you from afar, determining why your posture is a little off or what aches and pains may be causing your altered gait pattern. This is a problem, I know. It’s not obsessive, just clinical- I swear!  As a physical therapist, my eyes are trained to see even the slightest limp in your walk or wince in your face when you move awkwardly.  One of my pet peeves is how poorly we prioritize our posture. As the summer heat has hit Georgia full force, I’ve been spending more time at the…

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Help or Hinder: What Will This Gadget Do?

Help or Hinder: What Will This Gadget Do? A blog series dedicated to covering products that promise relief. 1. – Review of The Neck Hammock Imagine this: You’re scrolling along on Facebook or Instagram, passing photo after photo of cats/babies/plates of food, before your monotonous feed is interrupted by a sponsored ad for something that, well, you just might actually HAVE to HAVE! Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel shame. It happens to anyone that spends even a minute amount of time on the Internet, and I am telling you this from a very real place called Experience. (How…

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Should Pregnant Clients Do High-Impact Exercise?

What happens to your exercise routine when you find yourself working out for two? The blog this week comes from guest author Dr. Carrie Pagliano, who shares both her own emotional experience and professional assessment concerning exercise during pregnancy over on girlsgonestrong.com. (Continue reading here.) About The Author: Dr. Carrie Pagliano Dr. Carrie Pagliano has been a women’s health physical therapist for nearly 20 years. She lectures nationally in the areas of prenatal and postpartum health, pelvic pain, and women’s health education. She is double board certified in Orthopedics and Women’s Health. Dr. Pagliano is President of the Section on…

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The Battle Against Body Fat

The Body Against Body Fat; Weightloss

Want to lose body fat fast? High Intensity Interval Training may be just the thing to  jump start your workouts! “I’ve run five half marathons in the past 2 years, I should be in great shape, but I’m not.” I often hear this complaint (or one similar)  from clients when they walk into my office. Most of us like accountability to keep us on track and a consistent running training plan often fits the bill. The problem?  A majority of these clients are running through injuries, don’t feel strong, and aren’t losing the weight they had envisioned. I, too, was…

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Three Signs Your Physical Therapist Is Letting You Down

Do you ever find that pain keeps you from doing your daily activities? Do you feel that “old age” prevents you from doing the things you love? Is your lack of strength and flexibility making regular work and gym activities a painful burden? Have you sustained athletic injuries that never seem to heal? Are you considering surgery because all conservative treatment has been unsuccessful at resolving your pain? Before heading under the knife or completely giving up the things you love, consider Functionize- where being pain-free is the new normal! As a physical therapist for 19 years, I’ve seen the…

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