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Help or Hinder: What Will This Gadget Do?

Help or Hinder: What Will This Gadget Do? A blog series dedicated to covering products that promise relief. 1. – Review of The Neck Hammock Imagine this: You’re scrolling along on Facebook or Instagram, passing photo after photo of cats/babies/plates of food, before your monotonous feed is interrupted by a sponsored ad for something that, well, you just might actually HAVE to HAVE! Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel shame. It happens to anyone that spends even a minute amount of time on the Internet, and I am telling you this from a very real place called Experience. (How…

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Should Pregnant Clients Do High-Impact Exercise?

What happens to your exercise routine when you find yourself working out for two? The blog this week comes from guest author Dr. Carrie Pagliano, who shares both her own emotional experience and professional assessment concerning exercise during pregnancy over on girlsgonestrong.com. (Continue reading here.) About The Author: Dr. Carrie Pagliano Dr. Carrie Pagliano has been a women’s health physical therapist for nearly 20 years. She lectures nationally in the areas of prenatal and postpartum health, pelvic pain, and women’s health education. She is double board certified in Orthopedics and Women’s Health. Dr. Pagliano is President of the Section on…

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The Battle Against Body Fat

The Body Against Body Fat; Weightloss

Want to lose body fat fast? High Intensity Interval Training may be just the thing to  jump start your workouts! “I’ve run five half marathons in the past 2 years, I should be in great shape, but I’m not.” I often hear this complaint (or one similar)  from clients when they walk into my office. Most of us like accountability to keep us on track and a consistent running training plan often fits the bill. The problem?  A majority of these clients are running through injuries, don’t feel strong, and aren’t losing the weight they had envisioned. I, too, was…

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Three Signs Your Physical Therapist Is Letting You Down

Do you ever find that pain keeps you from doing your daily activities? Do you feel that “old age” prevents you from doing the things you love? Is your lack of strength and flexibility making regular work and gym activities a painful burden? Have you sustained athletic injuries that never seem to heal? Are you considering surgery because all conservative treatment has been unsuccessful at resolving your pain? Before heading under the knife or completely giving up the things you love, consider Functionize- where being pain-free is the new normal! As a physical therapist for 19 years, I’ve seen the…

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When your Birth Story takes an Unexpected Turn: The Story of My Twins’ Birth

Everyone has a birth story. Some are full of smiles and laughter, while others are filled with grief and sadness. Rarely do we hear the stories of pain, loss, and suffering. Today, I want to share the story of my twins’ birth. It is something I rarely discuss. The thought chokes me up and tears my heart as I recall that time in my life. I am sharing this because I’m not alone in my journey. This story is for every parent who has had a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It’s hard to believe it’s been…

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7 Tips to Avoid Aches and Pains While Gardening

Spring has sprung in Atlanta. We are getting outdoors and are ready for the spring trees to bloom. However, common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, and raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints. Don’t let these common gardening activities get you down. The following tips can help minimize aches and pains: Get moving before you garden. A 10-minute brisk walk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up. Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping. Be aware of how your body feels as you work in your garden….

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Are You Living Your Dream or Still Dreaming of Living?

“Why did you open your practice?” I’m often asked this question, and I get it- who would leave behind a 16-year career at various established physical therapy practices with great PTs, good pay, and a stable work-life balance for the stress of opening a business on their own? I’ve been a Physical Therapist for 19 years. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. It was a small, blue-collar town called Bloomsburg. Life in northeastern PA was simple. My parents never went to college, but my dad’s Midwestern upbringing made him a disciplined and rigid worker at the nearby nuclear power plant….

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Kick Away Knee Pain

It’s time to highlight the Breaststrokers! Did you know that ~85% of breaststrokers will experience at least 1 episode of knee pain in their career? Moreover, breaststrokers also show a ~70% higher incidence of MRI abnormalities compared to same age controls. This is because the forces that the knee endures during a breaststroke kick are torsional and/or valgus (medial knee gapping) forces by nature. While the knee is physiologically capable of torsional and valgus movements, they should only occur in small ranges and not repetitively. Being a hinge joint, the knee primarily moves forward and backward, such as in a…

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Telehealth | Blog

You’re sitting in your living room and glance at the clock: just five minutes until your physical therapy appointment is scheduled to start. You still need to lace up your shoes, grab your wallet, jump in the car and drive 10 miles across town. The walk from the parking alone will take five minutes! How will you ever make it on time? With rapid advances in telehealth technologies, this scenario could soon become a thing of the past—at least for some of your physical therapy visits. Instead of racing out the door, it’s possible that soon you’ll be able to…

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9 Things You Should Know About Pain

Pain | Pain Management | Blog

Pain is output from the brain. While we used to believe that pain originated within the tissues of our body, we now understand that pain does not exist until the brain determines it does. The brain uses a virtual “road map” to direct an output of pain to tissues that it suspects may be in danger. This process acts as a means of communication between the brain and the tissues of the body, to serve as a defense against possible injury or disease. The degree of injury does not always equal the degree of pain. Research has demonstrated that we…

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