Orthopedic Therapy

Physical therapists at Functionize Health are movement experts that redefine your health and enhance the human movement experience. Our advanced Physical Therapy education (MPT and DPT) centers around the fine components of human movement. Our studies afford us a keen eye to look at the body as a system of parts. We note any faulty mechanics in that system and give you the tools to get your body move optimally again.

How we are Different

Our team develops a treatment plan geared toward your personal goals and works alongside you every step of the way. With over 20 years of clinical expertise treating injuries of all types and athletes of all levels, we understand the ups and downs of not feeling or performing at your best. We are part of your team and ready to get you back at it as quickly as possible.

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Experienced and individualized care

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One-on-one care

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Specialized treatment

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Holistic approach for return to function

Gait Analysis

Your first visit:
• Wear comfortable clothing.
• If your prior functional level involves specific fitness activities or running, bring your exercise clothes and shoes.
• Bring a list of previous providers or treatments that you have tried for your condition.
• Fill out the orthopedic therapy paperwork on our website prior to your visit.

We can help with:
• General orthopedic and sports-related injuries
• Sports specific training
• Chronic pain
• Sacroiliac Dysfunction
• Pre and post-operative rehabilitation for all spine and extremity conditions
• Swim coaching and performance training for all levels and age

Clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels can benefit from a Physical Therapy Evaluation to determine their baseline status to engage in exercise or improve overall pain-free function.

Our evaluation Includes:

Review of your current complaints, past medical history, current functional level, fitness history, past injuries, and any future functional or fitness goals you have.

Completion of a comprehensive movement assessment to determine which motions reproduce your symptoms or are difficult to perform.

Palpation of your muscles, joints and soft tissues to find the painful regions, followed by specific treatments to decrease the pain and help increase mobility.

Develop a treatment plan including home exercises that will supplement each visit.

Educate on individualized treatment strategies including posture, gait, balance, coordination and overall pain-free movement.

Answer any specific questions you have and set functional and fitness goals based on your evaluation findings.